First Shoot with Toki:

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A vibrant (as usual) series I made with my buddy, Toki!

Features over 25 photos!! Shot and edited by your's truly. If you like my work, you'll love this series! :~)

Follow Toki on Instagram here: @TokiPrism <3

I really wanna give Toki a portion of the donations as well, so think of her too when ur buying ur access! (ノ^ω^)ハ(^ω^ )ノ


The Prismatic Views of a Delivery Girl:

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A series that documents the sights I see while I'm out delivering food.

Delivering has been my main source of income since November 2016 and I always have my camera with me, so I have hundreds of photos to choose from for this series.

Contains 10+ vibrant and eye-catching photos!

This series is all about adding some color to an otherwise mundane part of my life. (o˘◡˘o)

This one grows overtime!! I will change the password every month or 2. You will receive an email notifying you each time I add to it or change the password.